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HOW MUCH WILL IT COST TO CLEAN YOUR HOME?2020-05-26T10:46:59-04:00

We offer many flat rate service plans, depending on the size of your home. Our team specialist will conduct a phone consultation to determine what will fit your requirements. We also offer customized, cleaning packages to suit your needs and budget. We are certified cleaning technicians here to help you!

DO I NEED TO SIGN A SERVICE AGREEMENT?2020-06-03T11:02:43-04:00

You don’t have to sign a long-term agreement with us, just a month to month agreement, all we ask is to give us 2 weeks’ notice if you decide on canceling the service. When you ask for a quotation online, we will email a personalized quotation for you. Or if you decide to call us in-person we will go over all the details with you. All forms will be emailed to you through our DocuSign account to practice social distancing.

WHEN WILL THE SERVICE TEAM ARRIVE?2020-05-26T10:41:52-04:00

You will get a 1-day reminder on our software the day before your cleaning. The cleaning technicians will send you an automatic text message 20 or 30 minutes before arrival time.


You will have a team of specialists who are certified cleaning technicians. On your first cleaning we will conduct a full walk-through after your cleaning has been completed to make sure everything you requested is cleaned and you are happy with the service. In order not to spend the whole entire day in your home, we assign 2 or 3 cleaning technicians on the first day of your cleaning. Recurring service visits, however, will be determined after your first cleaning and will be discussed with you on how many cleaning technicians will be arriving moving forward. We will have the same teams arriving on your cleaning schedule, however, in the event occasionally, we would have to send a different cleaning technician depending on the schedules for that month or during the holidays. The
cleaning technicians will always arrive with your work order giving the description of items that need to be cleaned. We want to make sure our technicians build a relationship and strong routines on every job. Our customers value the consistency and integrity of our cleaning technicians, we take pride in what we do!


All of our cleaning technicians and specialists are certified and bondable. We do a thorough background check to ensure our customers are protected. All customers’ keys are dispatched in the morning upon arrival time at our loading station, at the end of the shift, keys are put back in our lock box for the next schedule. This allows us to be able to enter into your home without being locked out and charging a lock out fee. Some customers work at home or are retired, in that case, it’s fine. Also providing a code to enter in.

Upon arrival time our cleaning technicians will always ring the bell before entering the home. If you are home or your family members, we will be practicing social distancing, stepping back a minimum of 6 ft. Your cleaning technicians will have gloves and face masks on recommended from the health department. Wearing the face covering while working creates increased opportunity to not touch the face while working. We will be cleaning your home following our work order details on the service schedule you have, if you choose to add on our High Touch sanitizing, please advise us as soon as possible. We will be cleaning the house first then sanitizing the high touch areas listed. Gloves will be changed after completing washrooms to avoid cross contamination and we use disposable blue clothes to clean the toilet, washing our hands and putting on new gloves before dusting and completing all dry work. A brief questionnaire will be asked of you and an email will be sent 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit with a summary of the questions.

Upon completion of work, your cleaning technicians will leave any notes if necessary, to communicate with you. Hands will be washed and sanitized and your home will be securely locked. You don’t need to be home, the option is
yours, we make sure your home is secured as if it were one of our own. These questions are for pre-screening prior to entry of your home, to ensure the safety or our customers, cleaning technicians and managers.

  1. Have you traveled out of the country in the past 14 days?
  2. Have you or anyone in the house today suffered from cold or flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days?
  3. Have you or anyone in the home today been exposed to a patient diagnosed with COVID-19?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, our office manager will inform you that your services will be on hold until 14 days have passed. Our cleaning technicians will be asking the questions upon arrival before entering your home.


Absolutely, all of our cleaning technicians have to go through a thorough background check with intense training onsite and in person on our policies and procedures. We also do yearly training refreshers to make sure our
cleaning technicians are up to speed with current with policies and procedures. Mel’s 101 Services is a Company certified as House Cleaning Technicians. We value our customers and want to protect their properties.

HOW DO I PAY AND WHEN DO I PAY FOR THE SERVICE?2020-06-03T11:03:33-04:00

In order to book your service into our system, a 50% deposit by credit card is required. All credit card information is entered securely through our system. Your data is safe in our stream. The balance of the service fee will be processed after service is rendered. You will receive a receipt and confirmation on our Zenmaid system to confirm your cleaning schedule once your deposit is confirmed.


If you are rescheduling, we need up to 72 hours notice because of our cleaning schedules that are already booked in the system, a month before. If you cancel 24 hours before, there is a last-minute cancellation fee. This is to reassure all of our customers’ cleaning schedules are completed and not interrupted with the time frame for arrival times. If you do reschedule, we will do our best to accommodate the date you are requesting, depending on what’s already scheduled during that week. If you are canceling the service, we ask that you give us 2 weeks’ notice by email. Upon your last day of your scheduled cle you will get a reminder by email. All promo cleanings that are discounted already cannot be on hold, the services have to be rendered prior to the scheduled date. In the event due to weather conditions or the office is not able to provide the service, you will have a credit on your account. Sorry, no refunds on promos! You can call and inquire about our promo cleanings.


Mel’s 101 Services’ review program: If you submit a good review for us on Google, you will receive an extra one-hour free cleaning that you can use any time. This is our way of saying thank you!

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